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Resolving complex issues that affect the entire family. Relationships • Divorce • Addiction • Trauma • Assessments

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The Practice

We set ourselves apart by focusing on the entire family as we help you resolve complex issues in the areas of relationships, divorce, addiction, trauma and assessments.
We use a variety of techniques with a foundation of respect and kindness regardless of the issue. Every technique is evidence-based and proven to be effective. We explain our processes in detail to insure a high comfort level and then we put our clients in the driver’s seat, guiding them with suggestions and recommendations. 
Anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders are complex mental illnesses. Coupled with addiction, divorce, separation, financial issues and family losses, and life can quickly become unmanageable. Most of us were not born with nor were we taught the coping skills required to effectively navigate such turmoil. Some psychotherapists shy away from complex issues such as these. Our approach is different. We tackle these issues head-on beginning with our integrative approach to diagnosis based on an evidence-based biopsychosocial intake. Our mission is to demystify mental health, raising its importance to that of physical health.

Our success has been attributed to:

  • Providing evidence-based treatments
  • Being highly trained and certified in all techniques utilized
  • Providing individual attention and individually tailored services
  • Treating all clients with respect and kindness
  • Actively listening to concerns and offering suggestions to help formulate solutions
  • Upholding the highest of ethical standards in the industry
  • Cost-effective solutions

Looking For Ways to Strengthen Your Relationships?

Healthy relationships are a source of joy and comfort. They provide a sense of safety and connection with partners, family and friends. They can even help people live longer, healthier lives. But all too often, relationships can be jeopardized by a variety of stressful factors including finances, power imbalances, other well-intentioned family members and hidden issues from one another’s past.

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Facing Difficulties In Your Marriage?

Separation and divorce can be life-changing events with effects that ripple through the whole family. Whether the relationship involved is a legal marriage, common law marriage, or domestic partnership, the process of dissolving that connection brings with it a long list of potential financial, legal, and emotional issues.

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Worried that Your Addiction Is Taking Control of Your Life?

Addictions can take many forms. Abusing substances such as alcohol, street drugs, and prescription medications can cause lasting damage to lives, relationships, and health. These substances affect the brain’s pathways of pleasure and reward, and create a pattern of craving and compulsion that drives addictions.
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Having Trouble Moving Past Traumatic Events?

Trauma is an emotional response to an extraordinary and shocking experience that falls outside the realm of normal life. This kind of event, or even a series of events, can affect the ability to cope, leading to feelings of fear, horror, or helplessness. Because trauma affects a person’s sense of safety, it can lead to long-term emotional distress, constant feelings of danger, or a sense of numbness and disconnect from daily life.

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Searching For Fresh Perspectives To Resolve Old Conflicts?

Resolving family issues can be difficult. Although mediation is most commonly associated with divorce, a range of other stressful family situations can strain relationships, such as child custody, eldercare, alimony, trusts, and division of assets. Family mediation can be a constructive way to resolve these and other family-related issues.

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Are ongoing conflicts getting in the way of effective co-parenting?

Highly-charged emotions and unresolved conflicts can persist for years after a divorce or break-up. These emotions and conflicts often become the focus, and when children are involved their needs can become diminished. Parenting coordination is a way to maintain the focus on the children by protecting and sustaining safe, healthy and meaningful parent-child relationships. Parenting coordination provides a child-focused process for developing and implementing parenting plans for parents who are experiencing a high level of conflict. Parents are assisted with a timely and efficient resolution of disputes that focus solely on the needs of the children. Parenting coordinators monitor parenting plan compliance and quickly resolve conflicts that involve the children.

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Psychological Assessments

A psychological assessment is often the first step in the therapeutic process. Dr. Lehman offers a range of comprehensive psychological assessments that can provide clarity around the issues with which you or members of your family are struggling. Based on your specific needs, Dr. Lehman will determine the psychological assessment instruments that are best suited for you.

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Clients from all walks of life seek services from The Family Psychologist regarding relationships, divorce, addiction and trauma. See what people are saying about their experiences.

About Dr. Lehman

Dr. Lehman is a recognized change agent in the field of psychology. Her passion is to find ways to achieve what each client needs – even when others say, “it can’t be done." As such, she encourages her clients to think about things differently in order to achieve their desired outcomes. Dr. Lehman brings honesty, empathy and discretion to all clients.

Dr. Lehman earned her doctoral degree in school psychology at the University of Florida and holds master’s degrees in the areas of school psychology, social agency counseling, PK-3rd grade teaching and special education. She brings more than two decades of experience working with those with emotional and behavioral disorders, personality disorders and substance abuse.

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