As a West Palm Beach Psychologist, We set ourselves apart by focusing on the entire family as we help you resolve complex issues in the areas of relationships, divorce, addiction, trauma and assessments.

We use a variety of techniques with a foundation of respect and kindness regardless of the issue. Every technique is evidence-based and proven to be effective. We explain our processes in detail to insure a high comfort level and then we put our clients in the driver’s seat, guiding each client with suggestions and recommendations.

Anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders are complex mental illnesses. Couple them with addiction, divorce, separation, financial issues and family losses, and life can quickly become unmanageable. Most of us were not born with nor were we taught the coping skills required to effectively navigate such turmoil. Some psychotherapists shy away from complex issues such as these. Our approach is different. We tackle these issues head-on beginning with our integrative approach to diagnosis based on an evidence-based biopsychosocial intake. Our mission is to demystify mental health, raising its importance to that of physical health.

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  • Relationships 
  • Divorce
  • Addiction 
  • Trauma
  • Assessments

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